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Re: [ft-l] Dan Smith

The FNST isn't the only trail with water problems.  Those of you that read "A 
Walk in the Woods" (recommended reading for all backpackers and those 
thinking of becoming backpackers) will recall the problems the author 
encountered with water on the AT in Maine.  Trying to walk across a pond 
whose bottom is covered with sunken logs is not my idea of fun.

I do agree that we need to be aware of adverse publicity because of trail 
conditions and the lack of trail in many areas.  I can't see many through 
hikers getting excited at the prospect of miles and miles of road walking.  
We need to get on with the job of completing the FNST.  You are going to hear 
a lot more about that at the board meeting in January.  The Northern 
Conference was a great success and we managed to complete over 20 miles 
through Eglin, but I don't think making a habit of doing trail work at a 
Regional Conference is a good thing.  Perhaps each Region should designate 
one weekend a year as FNST Construction Weekend with each Chapter pitching in 
to complete one section of the FNST.  What do you think?????

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