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[ft-l] Pikes Peak, Colorado, Jan 1!

How about Pikes Peak, 14,110ft. Colorado?? Can't think
of a better place to be!  Will hike 7 mi (3000 ft
elevation gain) up Barr Trail to Barr Camp (a rustic
cabin at 10,000 ft) and will bring in the new year
there--the Ad-a-man Club hikes to the top and shoots
off fireworks. We're 3 miles away and have a "birds
eye view" if the weather is clear. Sometimes we have a
view and Colorado Springs, the town at the base of the
mt has none, for sometimes we're above the clouds. Jan
1 will hike the remaining 6 mi to the summit (as long
as the weather is good) and all the way back to town
(13 miles down). 


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