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[ft-l] Re: Seminoles and Osceola


According to Claire Luce Robson, author of "Light a Distant Fire" and other
books about native Americans, Osceola was born in the Horse Shoe Bend area of
central Alabama as part of the Creek nation.  The Creeks were so fierce that the
US army could not defeat them without the help of the Cherokees.  The Cherokees
were promised that if they helped defeat the Creeks they would be spared
relocation.  Less than ten years later they were sent to Oklahoma via the "Trail
of Tears" with huge loss of life, nearly genocide.  My great, great grandfather
was part of that army and moved his family to the Coosa river bottom land after
the battle of Horse Shoe Bend.

Osceola, who was also named Little Cricket as a child and Black Drink Singer as
an adult, was never a chief in the Seminole nation.  He killed his own uncle
because his uncle, "marked the leaves" with the white man. (signed peace
treaties)  Osceola however was a merciful man; he insisted that his captives
have their throats cut rather than be subjected to days of torture.

Osceola was captured under a white flag of truce and moved to Ft. Moultrie South
Carolina and kept in federal prison there with his two wives, one a former
slave, along with his daughters until his death.  (he was somewhat of a
celebrity by then, attending the theater under guard) His personal physician
removed and preserved his head after his death.  The doctor's children reported
that it was placed on their bed posts in their room when they misbehaved.  It
has since been lost.  The remainder of Osceola's body is buried at Ft. Moultrie
near Charleston SC.

And by the way:  Me and two buddies are hiking the Shiller Trail in Dupuis near
Indiantown on Dec 11th.  Should be fun.

Sam Teel

sandy@deathsdoor.com wrote:

> >Real indians camping out??   Or an archeological(sp)   dig?   I assume the
> >detour is well blazed?   Look forward to having you on our hike.   Will get
> >you our itinerary soon.
> yes.  there is well blazed permanent detour.  as to the
> authenticity of the indians;  depends upon who you ask.
> according to the indians, they are of  seminole descent
> and osceola was born there.  the first thing they did was
> stretch barbed wire & keep out signs over the trail &
> erect what i have been told that they call a sweat lodge,
> riverfront, in the path.  now i don't know about indian
> history, but more than one person has mentioned on the
> detour that seminoles did not build sweat lodges.
> anyway...they are there and they are not going anywhere.
> also, this is entirely heresay and if questioned, i will deny
> every word.  as usual.
> --sunshine*daydreams--
> .................later...................
> _______Sandy_______
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