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[ft-l] Hello?

    I have been gone for a few weeks and expected lots of trip reports now
that it is sooooo cooool out.
    First of all:  Hi Tim and welcome to ft-l.
    The Suwannee sounds great. I must get it out of my head that it seems
too far away from St Pete. I routinely drive just as far South or East to go
hiking but never make the trip north.
    I have finally been able to schedule some time off in January and
February. I haven't decided where to hike in January (ideas anyone?) but
February is the Big Cypress and maybe onto lake O. I did the O last spring
after the conference. Would anyone like to join me onward to the north of
the Big Cypress on February 20th?
Let's get some chatter going here!
Did anyone do the Big "O" last week? How was it, how many hikers?
I need advise on foot ware for the swamp, what do you reccomend?
How about some Thanks Giving Menues. I had to work all week but smoked a
turkey on Saturday, otherwise a standard meal was served.
When is Joan starting her thru-hike?
Anyone want to tell me to shut up yet? It is the cabin fever, working for a
living is killing me. I need the woods.

        - Allen
It is true every day of your life except for the day you die.
                                                        -Lester Burnham

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