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>Real indians camping out??   Or an archeological(sp)   dig?   I assume the
>detour is well blazed?   Look forward to having you on our hike.   Will get
>you our itinerary soon.

yes.  there is well blazed permanent detour.  as to the
authenticity of the indians;  depends upon who you ask.
according to the indians, they are of  seminole descent
and osceola was born there.  the first thing they did was
stretch barbed wire & keep out signs over the trail &
erect what i have been told that they call a sweat lodge,
riverfront, in the path.  now i don't know about indian
history, but more than one person has mentioned on the
detour that seminoles did not build sweat lodges.
anyway...they are there and they are not going anywhere.
also, this is entirely heresay and if questioned, i will deny
every word.  as usual.


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