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[ft-l] Chatter

List Goddess Sandy reminds me I've been too quiet on this list recently.  Oh, 
how she and y'all may rue that otherwise innocent invitation for me to make a 
pest of myself!  :)

Now that the weather has improved I hope to do lots of Florida hiking and 
backpacking.  I've been busy traveling the last couple months and have come 
away with some wonderful memories and new friendships.  In October, I drove 
north to New England to the 1999 Gathering, which is the annual meeting of 
Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association.  I was one of about 375 hikers 
there.  Florida was well represented including my friends Gary and Millie 
Buffington, Joan Norris and Jon Phipps.  I wrote a poem about that fun 
weekend should anyone be interested.

Earlier this month, I used a free airline voucher to take a Rocky Mountains 
National Park 4 day vacation on the cheap.  I put my Appalachian Trail 
mailing list to good use and arranged meetings dinners and hikes with 7 
hiking buddies from Colorado.  I've got a trip report and splendid digital 
photos for those with interest.

Anyway, I'm home in the job-hunting and hiking mode, so I hope to see you out 
there on our trails.  Using Sandy's wise counsel to avoid confrontations with 
hunters, I'll be the one sporting fake antlers.  :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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