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Re: [ft-l] Hello?

The Big O is over for 1999 and was a great hike (as usual).  We had 21
people complete the entire hike, and about 30-40 people hikin each day. 
The weather was just wonderful....cool nights, and breezy days.  Had two AT
thru hikers that said they got more blisters from this hike than the entire

For you hikers going from Big Cypress, there's a campground that you can
stop at just off the dike that has nice campsites, hot showers and and a
pool and hot tub.  It's Okeechobee Landings @ Clewiston.  Right across the
road from the Army Corps complex.  They are looking to cater to hikers and
backpackers, so let them know that you are a member of FT and that the Big
O people sent you.  They were outstandingly accomodating to us.  They even
had coffee and donuts for our nightly meetings!  Another plus, Sonny's BBQ
is right next door!

in Sunny So FLA
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