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[ft-l] suwannee river hike report

there were 17 hikers + 5 no-shows.  HUGE group!  everybody
was on time, (unless the 5 no-shows were running a little late.
ha!)  we were packed up, shuttled & river walking by 9:30.

nobody whined, nobody complained, everybody had a great
day.  except maybe a.j.  his hand was slammed in doobie's
door (the latch part) and it cut the nail in two & bled all day.
i think it's probably sore this morning.

but the hike was superb!  it was long (13.5) and i was afraid
that we would lose daylight by the end.  by 4pm people were
asking if they could just power ahead & not stop anymore
because it was getting late.  that worked for me!  there were
some clay-slippery steep places before lunch (cable hand
holds some places) and many many ups & downs.  devil's
mountain was the last real effort, though.

s.b., we walked right past that picnic table for giants and i
recalled what you said you'd done there.  is there a way to
forget such as that once it's in your mind's eye?


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