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[ft-l] Hiking 18 & 19

The weather has been spectacular up in Suwannee County.  Perfect for hiking 
which is what we have been doing.  Suwannee Chapter led a group of students 
from Calhoun Community College in Decatur Georgia on a 13-mile trek on 18 
and a 14-mile trek on 19.  They were very impressed with our trails.  The 
parts of 18 and 19 we hiked are in excellent condition which made me proud 
to be a FT member.  On 18 we hiked west from I-75 to Hwy 129.  That is 
really a beautiful area.  The river is so low that at times I though I was 
on a cliff looking down at the river.  Don Neale our chapter chair was the 
only one brave enough to hike the whole distance with the group from 
Georgia.  The rest of us whimped out at various predtermined locations.

carol ann

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