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[ft-l] trail condtions on sect 1

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> From: David Ralph <david.ralph@abcdistributing.com>
> To: 'fta@florida-trail.org' <fta@florida-trail.org>
> Date: November 01, 1999 11:11 AM
> Subject: Trail Conditions
> >Do you have word on the trail conditions from Oasis Ranger Station to the
> >first camp site?
> >
> >Thank you,
> >
> >David Ralph

This message appearred the other day as posted by Cricket(it had been forwarded ny FTA office). I got in touch with Nina Dupuy, section leader, and she reported the following:  carol ann
Yes, we were in that area clearing the trail recently. The preserve burned last year and shady areas are now sunny with a lot of brush. We trimmed along the trail aprox. 2 1/2 miles north of Oasis. It should be good up to seven mile camp. Except that the SFWMD has the the entire area severely inundated at this time. Deer are starting to drown. Nina