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Re: [ft-l] Brrrrrr

We started out from Newfound Gap Sunday afternoon headed south in snow
flurries and about 30 knot winds.  Everything from Newfound to Clingmans was
covered with a dusting of snow.  Really beautiful.  Temp the first night was
about 15 degrees but it warmed up gradually after that through the week.
Wind was gone by Monday and snow by Tuesday.  By Saturday when we exited at
Fontana Dam we were down to T-shirts and shorts, temp about 60 during the
day.  So, with the exception of  Sunday, the weather was really great for
hiking.  We did short days (about 40 miles over 6 days) and spent lots of
time basking in the sun on ridge tops, enjoying the magnificant views and
fall foliage.  Saw coyote, bear, and what seemed like a million chipmunks.
Met some really nice folks at the shelters and one wierdo who made for good
trail conversation.  It was cold enough during the nights that the shelter
mice didn't bother us too much and we used the new elaborate bear bag
systems they have installed at all the shelters and most of the back country
sites in preparation for them removing the bear screens on the shelters.  We
heard from other hikers though, that while the new bear bag cables have
defeated the bears so far, the squirrels and mice have learned to climb the
cables to the hung food bags.  So I guess they still have some design flaws!
I'll be posting a trip report and pictures on my web site in the next week
or so.

> Deb/Cricket,  I hope you brought your warm undies.  I took a week trip in
> Smokies this summer and some nights on the AT were in the 40's.  Since it
> rained most of the time, temps were low all around.  I imagine you will be
> pretty cold along the crestline.  One tip I can give you is to snuggle up
> next to the mice in the shelters at night.  They will give you a little
> warmth.  Great hiking though no matter what the weather.  Let us know how
> turns out.  Happy Hiking!
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