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[ft-l] Brrrrrr

Can you believe this weather?!!
I have done it again. I am not ready to hit the trail like I always promise
myself. Every year I say I will have everything polished, packed,
dehydrated, portioned, sealed, in shape (ha!), time off planned from work
for the first of the season. Well this cold snap has me elbows and knee caps
looking for scattered gear and trying to get a day off of work (ha! again).
Glad to hear everyone survived Irene. She caused me much work with opening
shelters on Friday. I was supposed to have been training 100+ nurses to
staff the shelters. Instead we opened shelters and sent the training
material to the shelters with the nurses. Tampabay has been spared once
I wonder what section one looks like now. Sounds like the crew worked hard
last season and hope their work survived.
Speaking of section one. I would like to go on the presidents day hike. Who
should I contact?
Has anyone seen the new maps? What do you think?

- Allen
now where did I put those @#$%^& tent stakes

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