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Re: [ft-l] Cool Sunny Weekend

Well, I stepped away from my computer (deadlines, deadlines) long enough for 
a few hours out at Paynes Prairie State Park on Saturday, walking the dikes 
out on the prairie with my dad. Not much to see other than those colorful 
yellow brushy flowers, save other hikers and one backpacker who was "walking 
as far as he could go in a week." I mentioned the FT, and he seemed 

Did manage to see a little bit of 'gator down at Lake Wauberg, and I *do* 
mean a little bit-- two micro gators, less than a foot long. Sunning 
themselves on this cool Saturday. By the looks of the crushed reeds and 
cattails around them, big Mama had to be hiding in the swamp somewhere...

Also saw a flock of gawky woodstorks! settling down along the southern edge 
of the Prairie close to 441-- close enough that a few cars had pulled off 
onto the shoulder so the occupants could gawk. If I were driving, I'd have 
done so myself, when I realized they were woodstorks and NOT egrets. An 
amazing sight. 

Feelin' chilled in my unheated digs--
Cheers, Navigator

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