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[ft-l] Brrrrrr

> Can you believe this weather?!!
> I have done it again. I am not ready to hit the trail like I always
> myself. Every year I say I will have everything polished, packed,
> dehydrated, portioned, sealed, in shape (ha!), time off planned from work
> for the first of the season. Well this cold snap has me elbows and knee
> looking for scattered gear and trying to get a day off of work (ha!
> Glad to hear everyone survived Irene. She caused me much work with opening
> shelters on Friday. I was supposed to have been training 100+ nurses to
> staff the shelters. Instead we opened shelters and sent the training
> material to the shelters with the nurses. Tampabay has been spared once
> again.
> I wonder what section one looks like now. Sounds like the crew worked hard
> last season and hope their work survived.
> Speaking of section one. I would like to go on the presidents day hike.
> should I contact?
> Has anyone seen the new maps? What do you think?
> - Allen
> now where did I put those @#$%^& tent stakes
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