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Re: [ft-l] gator creek reserve

The Gator Creek Preserve is a limited access area controlled by Fish &
Game. It is a wood duck nesting area, and no one is permitted to enter
during the nesting season. At other times of the year, you can apply for
permission to enter from Fish & Game.

I have been on the property a couple of times a few years ago. There were
no hiking trails, as such, just jeep trails or forest roads. The property
is south of Green Swamp West and (probably) contiguous with it across the
river, although I know of a few private holdings along SR-471 between Gator
Creek and GSW.

The area would probably be classified as mesic woodlands going down to
hydric at the river and creek. It contains a wide variety of plant life
typical of such areas. Slash pines, mesic and wetland oaks, and cypress are
the predominant canopy trees. Much of the area has a cover of saw palmetto.
There are numerous wildflowers apparent at various times of the year. The
normal mix of wildlife is present on the property. 

You can see the same things in Green Swamp West, which is open to hiking
except for hunting season (check the F&G site for dates), and GSW has many
miles of hiking trails already established. Incidently, development of the
trail system in GSW will be finished this next year, and we need to find a
Section leader and Trail Masters for the site. If interested, contact
Sherri Braddy, Chair of the Suncoast Chapter/FTA at: <shbraddy@cs.com>.

- Carl Strohmenger

On Fri, 24 Sep 1999, Jessica wrote:

> i was wondering if you knew of gato creek reserve in the green swamp i'm
> trying to find out if the hiking trails are open to the public? and
> maybe directions thanks jessica

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