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[ft-l] All this hype reminds me...

>All this hype reminds me of a time on the FT were we found ourselves in a
>hurricane warning.  I was hiking with Joan Hobson and a medium sized group
>of backpackers thru the Seminole and Ocala Forests.  It was one of her 100
>mile hikes and was truely a joy.  We had "unbelievably" hiked 7 days
>any major rain storms (dry feet!), but towards the end of the hike tornado
>warning conditions developed in the area.  We made it all the way to Store
>88 in Ocala - food, beer, the best BBQ sandwiches, talking, pictures, etc.
>Deciding as a group not to continue for one more day (not to make it the
>full100 miles) was a little heart breaking, but we all knew we had to heed
>the power of mother nature.  At the moment on the trail I was seriously
>considering attempting it and I think many of us were too. Now that I look
>back at it I'm glad we ended the trip, because now all I have is great fond
>memories of the trip.
>Happy Hiking,
>Jeff Walters
>It's not really walking is it? Not those first few days. I mean, I
>wasn't walking; I was lurching from tree to tree.
><Edward Mayson, on the start of the Appalachian Trail>
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