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Re: [ft-l] Barking all night and such.

I think there is concern that excess hype could desensitize the public to the 
real problem that forcasters grapple with with every storm.  That is they are 
using statistics -poorly understood by most of us- to try to make an accurate 
prediction that turns literally millions of lives upside down.  Look at the 
history of Tsunamis in the Pacific and you will see the tragic results of 
predictions that were not incorrect at the time, but resulted in 6 foot 
waves.  When the real Big Wave came along the population had become 
complacent and death and destruction resulted.
I am not connected to TV World (we watched Dr Doolittle at our shelter and 
listened to a weather radio) but friends told me today that the weather 
channel coverage was terrible(mostly Hype) while channel 2 which our school 
system hooked up for hurricane coverage was much more balanced.  The news 
media is of course first a money making entertainment institution, but its 
second function of propaganda should be turned to convincing the public to 
heed the forecasts even though the path of Floyd had a 100 mile wide margin 
of error.
Glad to hear all are safe with little damage!
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