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[ft-l] All this hype reminds me...

All this hype reminds me of a time on the FT were we found ourselves in a
hurricane warning.  I was hiking with Joan Hobson and a medium sized group
of backpackers thru the Seminole and Ocala Forests.  It was one of her 100
mile hikes and was truely a joy.  We had "unbelievably" hiked 7 days without
any major rain storms (dry feet!), but towards the end of the hike tornado
warning conditions developed in the area.  We made it all the way to Store
88 in Ocala - food, beer, the best BBQ sandwiches, talking, pictures, etc.
Deciding as a group not to continue for one more day (not to make it the
full100 miles) was a little heart breaking, but we all knew we had to heed
the power of mother nature.  At the moment on the trail I was seriously
considering attempting it and I think many of us were too. Now that I look
back at it I'm glad we ended the trip, because now all I have is great fond
memories of the trip.

Happy Hiking,
Jeff Walters

It's not really walking is it? Not those first few days. I mean, I certainly
wasn't walking; I was lurching from tree to tree.
<Edward Mayson, on the start of the Appalachian Trail>

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