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Re: [ft-l] Barking all night and such.

We are counting our blessings here on Fl east coast tonight but our
hearts and thoughts go out to those in North and South Carolinas. In Fl
Floyd was the biggest and most powerful storm I have ever seen and he
really shook me up with the chance of a direct hit having seen the
devastation Andrew caused awhile back. As it turned out as a cafeteria
mgr. at a local school we were chosen as a Hurricane Shelter which
housed 450 people from a few months old to those in their nineties with
varying degrees of mobility and a cross section of society from those
who live in million dollar houses on the beach to the mobile home
communities and all nationalities.There were no pets at our site. The
population also included a group of mentally challenged and halfway
house occupants. We were responsible for meals and  coffee, coffee and
more coffee. I found it to be a very rewarding experience but I must say
I was happy to see them go home this morning. We were on edge all
yesterday that Floyd would make his predicted turn. We have experienced
minor flooding and the yard needs a major cleanup but am very relieved
the danger is over for us but even though the intensity has slowed the
storm surge for those in the Carolinas will cause many problems. Gert is
still out there to keep us on our toes. I had a great group of teenagers
who pitched in to help us deliver meals to those who were unable to walk
and carry food at the same time. The best in people comes out when real
problems arise. Everyone really pitched in to help out. Maybe next
weekend we can get a hike or Kayak trip in.
		Triathlon Grandma 

sandy@deathsdoor.com wrote:
> >They ended up in a
> >shelter that allowed dogs!  Barking all night and such.
> that sounds like MY house!  it's like a zoo here!  evacuated
> friends (family) from st. augustine & various pets are always
> welcome here in sandyland.  no damage here (gainesville)
> except for a huge pine limb from an anicent tree that drops
> one on me from time to time.
> --sunshine*daydreams--
> .................later...................
> _______Sandy_______
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