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[ft-l] Trail Inventory

Hmmm. Sounds interesting. Also sounds like I will need to be a "helper". I
have done similar wilderness surveying for water tanks at hunt cabins in the
mountains of NC. This can be fun and move fairly quickly if you get a good
team together with a good scribe. The Big "O" would be an easy one to
complete. Long site distances, flat grade, angle and distance of both sides
of the levy is known. It would take some of the sport out of it but you
could use two trucks and be done in a few days. So there is 120 miles and I
am willing to help. Don't forget the tape measure to document how little the
gate openings are at some of the control stations. I had to unpack my pack,
shove my stuff through the gap then belly crawl through. I am assuming this
assessment may have something to do with ADA and federal funding in the
future. Can we dress up as Lewis and Clark?

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