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Re: [ft-l] Trail Inventory

This seems to be the case in a lot of chapters.  Also a lot of chapters
don't meet in the summer, so communication through the chapters is a problem
given the short time frame.  Since we just got confirmation of the training
last week and the training is scheduled for Sept 25-26, there isn't a lot of
time.  I wrote up a piece for the last Footprint and got a nice response
from the panhandle and central areas, but nothing from the south.  And
really that is ok, but I was kind of holding 2 spots open for the southern
chapters.  If no one responds from the south, I'll take two more from
panhandle or central and we will concentrate our efforts there for the first
couple of years.  If you would like the info to pass on to people in
Loxahatchee, I can email it to you.


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