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Re: [ft-l] Central Florida FTA Meeting - Gear, gear and more gear...

The one experience like you mention that I have had was during our 1/2 AT
thru-hike last year.  At about 300 miles of constant use we noticed some
mold starting in the hoses. I used the Grogory Hydrocell and my hiking
partner used the Platypus Hoser.  It occured in both.  At our next town stop
we filled the sink with a bleach/water mix and soaked all our water bags,
hoses and bottles overnight.  We repeated this approx. once a month after
that and it seemed to take care of the problem.  I haven't encountered any
problems in normal weekend/week long use where I empty the bladder when I
get home, flush it out with tap water and allow it to air dry.  But then I
only put treated water into my hydration system.  I think if you fill with
untreated water or add gatorade or something, you're asking for trouble.

The great thing about hydration systems is that you WILL drink more
frequently; small sips constantly instead of big gulps when you get thirsty.
I found it made a big difference on my hikes and carry it even on day hikes
now.  I wouldn't go back to the bottles if you paid me.  Well, maybe if you
paid me enough to finish the second half of the AT     :-)


> So far I've resisted using the hydration systems because I was concerned
> the sanitation.   The bags would seem to be an excellent place for the
growth of
> bacteria -- damp, warm, etc. -- especially between hikes.  Is this a
problem or
> am I overly picky??
> Diane
> D_Blick wrote:
> > I didn't like the idea of putting raw water into my hydration system (I
> > the Gregory Hydrocell.)  So with some ideas from another list I've made
> > gravity-feed filter system.
> >
> > The ingrediants are: a Sweetwater Anywhere in-line filter, a Platypus
> > Big-Zip 2-Liter Hoser system (a 4-liter would be better for times when
> > is a distance from the campsite but raises total weight 2-3 oz), a
> > hose-to-filter connector (optional if using water bottles rather than
> > hydration bladders) and an old stuff sack.
> >
> > To assemble: Place the Big-Zip into the stuff sack and cut a hole in the
> > bottom corner of the sack for the hose to run through. Cut the hose
> > in half and insert the in-line filter - the clear end goes towards the
> > Big-Zip.  Attach hose-to-filter connector nipple into free end of hose.
> >
> > To use: Fill Big-Zip with raw water at water source (use bandana to
> > out big junk if needed and add iodine if you like).  Carry back to
> > in stuff sack.  Hang stuff sack from tree, picnic table or other
> > place.  Attach cap at end of hose to another platypus or just insert
> > end into water bottle.  Sit back and watch it fill.  Fills a 1-liter
> > platypus in about 1 minute.
> >
> > Advantages: No pumping, gives you a water carrying bag, gives you an
> > water baldder for when water stops are far apart, and weighs 7-8 oz
> > saving about 1/2 lb over a pump filter.  One thing to watch for if
> > bladders - remove all air from the bladder before attaching cap and
> > cap before entirely full or water + air in bladder can actually blow a
> > in the bladder.  Or - just thought of this - drill a tiny air hole in
> > cap.
> >
> > BTW, all the pieces-parts were a birthday present from my hiking
partner -
> > Flamingo, aka Pam Glass.  A nice Christmas gift for the hiker on your
> > The down side is, since she saved me 1/2 lb of pack weight, I'm now
> > responsible for filtering water for the both of us  :-)
> >
> > Cricket
> >
> > >
> > > The Sweetwater Inline filter was also shown with emphasis on the
> > > Water Hydration System.  Many people are now catching onto the idea of
> > using
> > > a water bag with an inline filter.  It's easy to use and lightweight.
> > > just wish the Platypus water bags didn't cost so much....  I'll just
> > > to my Sweetwater Filter Bottle.
> > >
> >
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