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Re: [ft-l] Central Florida FTA Meeting - Gear, gear and more gear...

I didn't like the idea of putting raw water into my hydration system (I use
the Gregory Hydrocell.)  So with some ideas from another list I've made a
gravity-feed filter system.

The ingrediants are: a Sweetwater Anywhere in-line filter, a Platypus
Big-Zip 2-Liter Hoser system (a 4-liter would be better for times when water
is a distance from the campsite but raises total weight 2-3 oz), a platypus
hose-to-filter connector (optional if using water bottles rather than
hydration bladders) and an old stuff sack.

To assemble: Place the Big-Zip into the stuff sack and cut a hole in the
bottom corner of the sack for the hose to run through. Cut the hose approx.
in half and insert the in-line filter - the clear end goes towards the
Big-Zip.  Attach hose-to-filter connector nipple into free end of hose.

To use: Fill Big-Zip with raw water at water source (use bandana to filter
out big junk if needed and add iodine if you like).  Carry back to campsite
in stuff sack.  Hang stuff sack from tree, picnic table or other convenient
place.  Attach cap at end of hose to another platypus or just insert hose
end into water bottle.  Sit back and watch it fill.  Fills a 1-liter
platypus in about 1 minute.

Advantages: No pumping, gives you a water carrying bag, gives you an extra
water baldder for when water stops are far apart, and weighs 7-8 oz total,
saving about 1/2 lb over a pump filter.  One thing to watch for if filling
bladders - remove all air from the bladder before attaching cap and remove
cap before entirely full or water + air in bladder can actually blow a hole
in the bladder.  Or - just thought of this - drill a tiny air hole in the

BTW, all the pieces-parts were a birthday present from my hiking partner -
Flamingo, aka Pam Glass.  A nice Christmas gift for the hiker on your list.
The down side is, since she saved me 1/2 lb of pack weight, I'm now
responsible for filtering water for the both of us  :-)


> The Sweetwater Inline filter was also shown with emphasis on the Platypus
> Water Hydration System.  Many people are now catching onto the idea of
> a water bag with an inline filter.  It's easy to use and lightweight.  I
> just wish the Platypus water bags didn't cost so much....  I'll just stick
> to my Sweetwater Filter Bottle.

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