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RE: [ft-l] Trail monitoring needed

The Indian River Chapter conducts regular monthly work hikes on its trails YEAR
'Round, as well as a full slate of leisure hikes.  We never take a vacation. OK,
so we're nuts-- blame it on the heat. (not to forget Tony Flohre's famous summer
hikes from hell.)

Another note-- as you know, as a result of the Bull Creek property sale issue a
couple years ago, the "Friends of Bull Creek" was formed-- a coalition of users
including hunters, fishermen, birders, native plants, hikers, etc. This
coalition has stayed together (after successfully saving the property!) and
continues to be an effective voice in the management of the property.  An added
plus is that now the various groups communicate and even watch out for each
other (you look out for my bridge, I'll look out for your blind). This kind of
grass roots coalition might be a good idea for other public properties.  
- more users, less space means we have to share
- cooperative relationships work better than adversarial ones
- a unified voice speaking for diverse interests gets a lot of attention-- and
- and you'd be amazed at the new friends you make-  from strange bedfellows to
good company

While it's easier having an issue to rally around, a good case for a user
coalition can be made by pointing to Bull Creek as an example of what unity can
accomplish.  Any brave souls in your group willing to give it a try?  If you
need any help from FOBC, let me know. 

Pam Hale
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