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[ft-l] Trail monitoring needed

Hello hikers,
	Our trails are still out there in this summer of humid Florida
heat. We need to visit our trails occasionally, even in the summer to
monitor what is happening.
	A few weeks ago (July 18th), I went walking through Potts Preserve
(aka Potts WMA) along the western trails and found that someone had started
to dismantle one of the bridges that span a canoe/boat access waterway into
the preserve property. They had carefully taken off the railings and deck
planks of part of the span and cut away 2 of the 3 joists.
	Upon returning to town, I alerted someone at the water management
district via email. A couple of weeks later, I heard that either WMD
personnel or DEP personnel had caught someone in the act. I don't know if
my alert message was a factor, but it certainly did not hurt to pass on the
	The point of this message is that if someone is up to mischief on
the trails during times when we do not visit the trails, they may have free
rein to accomplish their goals without being detected. Even in the heat of
summer we need to visit our trails regularly.

	I am interested in hearing your reactions to this report and the
suggestion that we use our trails even in summer's heat and rain.

- Carl Strohmenger

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