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Bob Atwater

I just sent the following message to the website "comments" link.  Since
sending that I've learned that Dad may have to have surgery if they don't
stop the bleeding.  My sister, Bonnie, is headed to Melbourne from Atlanta
I hope between these 2 sites I reach someone who can alert FTA members who
know Dad.
I don't know how else to reach the folks who know Dad and hiked with him
over the years.....he spent so much time working on and for the FTA that
there must be many who would want to know that he's in the hospital.
I'm Bob Atwater's "middle" daughter, Nancy Lipgens, and I currently live in
Gaithersburg, MD.  I did a backpack trip with Dad and several others
(Frank???  Nancy???) about 7-8 yrs ago.  I probably have the names at home,
but I'm writing this from work.
Many of the club members also met my sister Bonnie (now Bonnie Wilson) of
Atlanta who hiked, along with her big dogs, with them on at least a couple
of occasions.
Yesterday, Dad was admitted to Holmes Regional Medical Center, 1350 South
Hickory Street, Melbourne, FL 32901.
He is currently in stable condition; they say he has a cerebral hematoma.
Although supposedly the bleeding is mild and will not require surgery.  Dad
is 86 and, if you are one of the ones who knows him, you know how stubborn
he is.  He continues doing his own yard work, etc.  Mom doesn't think he
fell, but the hematoma seems to indicate it.
I spoke to an ICU nurse (407-434-7128) a moment ago and she said he was
doing much better; will be in ICU at least one more day, after that she
doesn't know.  Mom has been with him most of the time, and excellent
neighbors have been with her.
Dad's hearing is pretty bad so although he was awake and I could hear his
voice faintly over the phone, the nurse had to talk very loudly to him and
we determined he would not be able to hear me on the phone.
If anyone wants to send cards to him, the folks' home address is:
680 Everglade Drive
Melbourne, FL 32935
Thank you,
Nancy Atwater Lipgens
nlipgens@belmont.kminc.com <mailto:nlipgens@belmont.kminc.com> 
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