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Re: [ft-l] Introduction and Advice (long)

> Welcome to the list Mozart.  You wouldn't happen to be a music major at
> would you?

No..  actually, I'm majoring in Religion and Philosophy..  I can have deep,
insperational thoughts about being unemployed..  *smile*

Thank you for the wonderful info..  I had the FTA send me some information
and an application, so I'm just waiting for that to arrive.  I'm going on
the Collier-Seminole hike this weekend, so I'll be sure to let you all know
how it went.

My dad is letting me use his pack that he's had for over 25 years (and it
still looks brand new) and his tent.  So, I'm hoping it should be a good
learning experience.  :)

 -- Mozart

AIM: Mozart2k, IRC: Mozart2k (DALnet)

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