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[ft-l] Introduction and Advice

Hello everyone..

I've just joined the list yesterday and thought I should introduce myself.
17 and I'm from Southern Florida..  I'm getting ready to attend college in
Tampa, FL this August.  Over the summer, I spent some time with my father up
in Pennsylvania and he took me on a weekend hike while up there.  That's
when I got really interested in hiking and backpacking.

I would like to start doing things like that on my own in Florida, but I'm
really a beginner and don't have much knowledge of how to get started.  I've
seen some websites and such that say "you need this and that", and some that
have said "you need the best this and the best that".  Others have said that
I didn't need it, and the catalogs I've seen have so much stuff, I don't
know where to begin.  Can anyone recommend a certain checklist for me, so I
know what is recommended for weekend hikes and things like that?  Also,
where can I get them at a budgeted price?

I'm looking forward to talking with all of you, and I hope that the list
will be enjoyable.. :)

  -- Mozart

AIM: Mozart2k, IRC: Mozart2k (DALnet)

AIM: Mozart2k, IRC: Mozart2k (DALnet)

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