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[ft-l] An interesting voting result....

>Hi everyone,
>One of the reasons I put up the Florida Backpacker's Trailplace was to
>people to post information and opinions concerning the Florida Trail.  The
>voting polls have allowed people to anonymously vote on issues.  Here are
>two of the polling results (so far):
>Question: How did you first hear about the Florida Trail?
>Total Votes: 44
>Friend 6 Votes 13%
>Family 0 Votes 0%
>Newspaper 0 Votes 0%
>Magazine 4 Votes 9%
>Book 4 Votes 9%
>Gear Shop 1 Votes 2%
>Internet 19 Votes 43%
>Scouts 3 Votes 6%
>Other 7 Votes 15%
>It's interesting to see 43% by the Web/Internet.  I'm sure you can view the
>results in a couple different ways.  IMHO, I believe that the results show
>the effectiveness of "getting the word out" across the Internet; gaining
>support from ATC members and ALDHA members and others.
>Question: What do you think the FT needs the most?
>Total Votes: 38
>Camp Sites 9 Votes 23%
>Water Pumps 22 Votes 57%
>Tent Platforms 3 Votes 7%
>Shelters 4 Votes 10%
>Benches 0 Votes 0%
>Picnic Tables 0 Votes 0%
>Fire Rings 0 Votes 0%
>Latrines 0 Votes 0%
>This result is no surprise to me.  I'm sure most of the votes for water
>pumps were from long distance backpackers.  I'm sure one of those votes was
>BTW, if you would like to vote in any of the voting polls just drop in at
>and go to the Interactive section then Voting Polls.
>Happy Trails Everyone,
>Jeff Walters
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