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[ft-l] An interesting voting result....

Hi everyone,

One of the reasons I put up the Florida Backpacker's Trailplace was to allow
people to post information and opinions concerning the Florida Trail.  The
voting polls have allowed people to anonymously vote on issues.  Here are
two of the polling results (so far):

Question: How did you first hear about the Florida Trail?
Total Votes: 44

Friend 6 Votes 13%
Family 0 Votes 0%
Newspaper 0 Votes 0%
Magazine 4 Votes 9%
Book 4 Votes 9%
Gear Shop 1 Votes 2%
Internet 19 Votes 43%
Scouts 3 Votes 6%
Other 7 Votes 15%

It's interesting to see 43% by the Web/Internet.  I'm sure you can view the
results in a couple different ways.  IMHO, I believe that the results show
the effectiveness of "getting the word out" across the Internet; gaining
support from ATC members and ALDHA members and others.

Question: What do you think the FT needs the most?
Total Votes: 38

Camp Sites 9 Votes 23%
Water Pumps 22 Votes 57%
Tent Platforms 3 Votes 7%
Shelters 4 Votes 10%
Benches 0 Votes 0%
Picnic Tables 0 Votes 0%
Fire Rings 0 Votes 0%
Latrines 0 Votes 0%

This result is no surprise to me.  I'm sure most of the votes for water
pumps were from long distance backpackers.  I'm sure one of those votes was

BTW, if you would like to vote in any of the voting polls just drop in at
and go to the Interactive section then Voting Polls.

Happy Trails Everyone,
Jeff Walters

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