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[ft-l] Max Patch to I40

I am hiking the section from Max Patch to Hot Springs next Thursday and
Friday.  I have never hiked this section before but I have pestered the
members of AT-L for lots of info.  The profile from Hot Springs to I40 near
Davenport Gap is very steep, (down for me, up for South bounders) though I
would think young men in good shape could do it in three days.  They need to
be in shape for hiking mountains though.  Runners and walkers do not use the
same muscles as those needed for climbing up trails.  According to my
sources, water should be no problem as they have had lots of rain in the last
few weeks.

I would be cautious of camping on any summit.  I have read reports of folks
getting "Maytaged" in their tents due to high wind.  I would be especially
cautious of camping at Max Patch summit because of the nearby road crossing,
even more so it were on a weekend.

All in all, I'll bet it will be a good hike.

aka  Hikewriter

John F Wakefield wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I am also a new FT member and I appreciate the info on bugs that you all
> gave me.  Now my son and his buddy would like to hike some on the AT,
> section 15 and some of 16, north to south.  They want to start just south
> of Hot Springs, NC and end up at Interstate 40 close to the Smokies.
> Does anyone have any experince in that section?
> They want to do about 28 miles in three days.  Does that sound reasonable
> for two young men in good shape?   Is water available?  How about the
> camping? They want to camp on top of Max Patch Mountain the first night.
> Also, has anyone ever camped at a place called Rocky Bluff near Hot
> Springs?  The rest of the family would be tent camping there, if it is
> not too crowded.
> Thanks in advance for your help!
> John
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