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Re: [ft-l] Intro

Hi Guys,

I am also a new FT member and I appreciate the info on bugs that you all
gave me.  Now my son and his buddy would like to hike some on the AT,
section 15 and some of 16, north to south.  They want to start just south
of Hot Springs, NC and end up at Interstate 40 close to the Smokies.  

Does anyone have any experince in that section? 

They want to do about 28 miles in three days.  Does that sound reasonable
for two young men in good shape?   Is water available?  How about the
camping? They want to camp on top of Max Patch Mountain the first night.

Also, has anyone ever camped at a place called Rocky Bluff near Hot
Springs?  The rest of the family would be tent camping there, if it is
not too crowded.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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