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Re: [ft-l] Intro

And, in fact, some of us consider trail locating, building and
maintenance even more fun than hiking.  See, for example, the fine new
bridge across Swift Creek near White Springs on the Suwannee River
section of the trail (section 18) and the new trail going in on the
former Cross Florida Barge Canal property.  This begins (at present) 
near Belleview at Santos (Rt 441) and will eventually connect the part of
the FT which runs  through the Withlacoochee Forest with the main through
trail through the Ocala NF.

The FTA is a large group of folks of diverse ages and interests.  Sunny
P. has been a loyal and hardworking  member for years and was one of the
original organizers of the annual hike around Lake Okeechobee.  You
should consider joining, Annie--if only to get the newsletter and get an
idea of the many hiking opportunities available in FL.

Nancy Gildersleeve 
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