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Re: [ft-l] Fort myers area kyaking/snorkeling/fishing/hiking

I've planned a paddle trip there, but when it came down to it I opted for
the Ten Thousand Islands further south (Gulf side was beautiful).

You shouldn't have too much trouble on the east side of the main barrier
islands; the channels through to the gulf are where you'll see the most
waves / currents. There is a series of small "islands" due east of Cayo
Coasta that will offer you shelter to avoid a long single crossing. If you
launch from the large island due east of Cayo Coasta it's about 7 miles out
(a little less to Cabbage Key). I've got a 100k JPEG map image of the area
if you're interested -- didn't want to tie up everyone's mail.

 A few years ago, I spent a weekend at Pine Is. in one of the beach front
housing rentals... Advance reservations put me there during a tropical storm
watch, but it was still a nice place.

I'm not familiar with hiking in the area; I know Big Cypress is to the south
and Myakka SP is to the north. There are a few short nature walks on
Sanibel, but Sanibel pulls you toward a bicycle ride or road walk with it's
shops and restaurants.


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