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Re: [ft-l] Intro

Hi and welcome!
	Everyone on this list must be out hiking or on vacation. Some trail
info is available on the Trail Updates at the following Web site;
If you are interested in a particular section ask on this list and
someone usually answers.
New maps for the Fl Trail are promised in the near future.
From Here to There On the Florida Trail is an account by the authors,
Susan Roquemore and Joan Hobson of there thru hike of the Trail.
A guidebook with trail descriptions is available thru the Fl Trail
Assoc. which also prints a bimonthly newsletter with various hikes
around the state. 
What section of the AT are you planning to do? I section hiked the AT
from '89 - '93. 
Have a great hike.
			Triathlon Grandma

renegadecoach@webtv.net wrote:
> Hi  all  just join this list and recieved my first message today so i
> know that someone is out there.  I am in the tampa area and will be
> doing a section hike on the at next month.  While looking for AT info I
> keep coming across mention of the Florida trail  However have not found
> any web pages that map the trail or give locations for its sections. Are
> there any?
> If so let me know.  Iam looking for some good weekend and week long
> hikes for next winter here in Florida. Glad this list is here.
> buddha
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