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[ft-l] Ocean Grill

so, ken, i was asking about a good paddling and ......i don't
get it?  are you recommending the dreamland hotel here, or what?
>>     Sandy,   I concur in Solar Bears recommendation of the  Ocean
>>Grill.  It was a great place when I was first introduced to it in  1945. 
>>I was in the Marines, stationed in Vero Beach, and right across the
>>parking lot from the Ocean Grill was the old Dreamland Hotel which housed
>>most  of the female militaries (Women Marines, Nurses, and Waves) in the
>>area.   So yes, there was pleasant company there long time ago. Ive  been
>>many times down through the years, and it has always been  good.   Can't
>>help with the kayaking, but hope you have  fun.   Kenneth

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