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Re: [ft-l] who among you?

nish, how's the power boat traffic here?  >mean skeeters... don't scare me.
i've been to the okefenokee in the summertime!

>I canoed somewhat down in south Vero Beach off from the mainland side.
>There's a place called the Olso Riverfront Conservation Area off of 9th St
>(Oslo Rd) which is managed by the St Johns Water Management District and the
>Indian River County.  I launched from a boat ramp at the end of 9th St and
>headed up North and into the Crawford notch/point where there's some
>interesting back canals etc.  You can easly cross some impoundments and
>explore deeper if you want but some areas might be dry...  There's a bird
>observation tower and a canoe deck as well if you want to do some land
>activities.  Overall, Its an interesting place but better watch out for some
>mean skeeters...

Never knock on Death's door.
 Ring the doorbell and run.
 ( He hates that ! )

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