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Re: [ft-l] who among you?

	The Sebastion River is great for paddling! You can put in at Dale
Windbrow Park off Roseland Road and head South. Just last week a manatee
was seen feeding on grass on the bank of the River. Right in Vero you
can paddle on the Indian River Lagoon putting in at Riverside Park and
also Sebastian inlet there is a place to put in on the River directly
North of the main inlet where the old inlet use to be in the Sebastian
Inlet Park or just south of the park along A1A. Just south of Vero is
Round Island Park where you can also put in on the River. Manatees are
often spotted there as well. West of Vero about 23 miles is Blue Cypress
Lake which has a host of Osprey nests. You put in beside Middleton's
Fish Camp. If I can be of anymore help just let me know.
					Triathlon Grandma 
sandy@deathsdoor.com wrote:
> who among you is from the vero beach area?  my sweetie
> & i are going to be there saturday for a family reunion which
> won't be happening till late afternoon. we are thinking of
> bringing the kayaks down for the day if there's a place
> worth paddling.
> Never knock on Death's door.
>  Ring the doorbell and run.
>  ( He hates that ! )
> Later....Sandy
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