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[ft-l] Favor???

I've heard from Sandy Downs (Navigator).  Her sister has taken a turn
for the worse and Sandy has left Greece and is enroute to FL to join her
parents and the rest of her family.  She asked if I could pass this on:
she hasn't had a chance to resubscribe yet.

  ...........Would like to try and get together with Solar Bear and other
Floridians for Natl Trail Day, if they'll have me..could you post something to
the AT-L and ask them to email me at this address about any goings-on within a
couple hours of Ocala June 5th?

Sandy's sister has a brain tumor and it has been a really rough year.  I think
she could use a  trail break and a few hugs.  If anyone has any info
on the doings down south for Nat'l Trail Days, please sing out!     k.

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