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Re: [ft-l] Re: Trail Days

> The mountain biker won.

I'm just glad I left to go see the Shaffer slide show before they chose the
winner.  To tell the truth, it is a shame they select a winner since so many
of the hikers did such a good job entertaining the crowd.  It must have
taken a lot of guts for some of the them to get in front of that crowd and
do what they did.  Much of it was in making fun of trail life and would be
lost on anyone who has not done any backpacking.  In fairness to the biker,
it was amazing what he could do with his bike and he was after all a thru
hiker.  I just hope he didn't take the bike on the trail with him.......

If I can get the time off from work I plan to attend again next year.  This
time I might hike into town from north to south.  I also would be willing to
help out if something was set up to promote the FT.   I haven't been a
member of the FTA for very long but I'm sure I could answer questions and
hand out flyers.

Bob C
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