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[ft-l] Ft-l listers at Trail Days in Damascus, VA

Had a memorable weekend partying with thousands of Appalachian Trail hikers.  
Well worth the expense of flying up there.  Would love to see that kind of 
broad support for our beloved Florida Trail.  It can only really happen when 
the experience of hiking it as a thru-trail becomes prevalent.  Not to 
denigrate the experience of section or dayhikers, but the Trail "becomes" 
something magical when an annual migration of eclectic hikers on varying 
quests decide to spend months hiking it from end to end.

We were represented in Damascus by Cricket, Flamingo, Gary Buffington and me. 
 If anyone else from the list was there please speak up.

And yes, the tutu got quite a workout -- its first parade!  :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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