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Re: [ft-l] Yellowstone & Bears

Yellowstone and Yosemite ( Black bears ) are very highly trained to look at
people as a moving food supply. I'll have insert my favorite bear story
I was camping in Yosemite Valley and about three AM  a loud altercation woke
me up. Getting up I saw something loud going on a couple of sites over. In
the morning I got the whole story. A women had gone to sleep in her bag, no
tent, with her face well plastered with apricot face creme ( no thru hiker
here obviously ). About three AM she was rudely awakened by a heavy weight
on her chest and a rough tongue on her face. Yup a bear was sampling the
apricots. Loud screaming and pot pounding finally drove the critter off,
away from it's midnight snack.
That was one reluctant camper that probably never went camping again ;->
I recall one ranger telling me that he could imagine bears lolling around
telling each other that those nice people were working hard carrying their
food up those switchbacks why they rested in the shade.
This was in the days before bear proof containers, we had to hoist our packs
up in between two trees and a lot of folks didn't make the effort.
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> I wonder if all bears are aggressive, or maybe that Yellowstone's are
> because they have a lot of contact with humans and have all learned that
> FOOD (in one form or another!)

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