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RE: [ft-l] Yellowstone & Bears

I've pondered this one myself.  We've been thinking about a trip on the Pacific
Crest, where bears are also an issue.  Having never done "the bear thing"
before, we're thinking about:

1)  going with an experienced bear territory hiker (on-the -job training)--

or if that's not possible,

2)  getting REALLY educated on how to do it right.  The Mountaineers
(www.mountaineers.org)  have a really good book on the subject, and I'm sure
there are others.  The Park Service should also have some good information.  

I wonder if all bears are aggressive, or maybe that Yellowstone's are moreso
because they have a lot of contact with humans and have all learned that HUMAN =
FOOD (in one form or another!)

Anybody know?

SwampLily Hale

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