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[ft-l] Yellowstone & Bears

Sorry this isn't trail related, but it is backpacking related--hope that 

We (Jon/Wanchor, Greg (my son), and I are heading to Wyoming & Colorado next 
month.  Our original thought was to do a very short (2-3 days) backpack in 
Yellowstone.  However, after reading all the recommendations for backpacking 
in Yellowstone, I'm getting cold feet.  The recommendations are designed to 
minimize  problems with bears and include cooking at one site and camping at 
another, hanging not only your food but also the clothes you cook in, using a 
bear cannister to carry & store  your food, wearing unscented deodorant and 
using unscented soap before you begin your hike. 

 As a second option, we could do our backpacking in the Bridger National 
Forest, hiking up either the Wyoming Range or the Salt River Range 
(trailheads are accessible from the Greys River Road).  Back the in 70's I 
did horseback pack trips along the Greys, and bears were never a problem, 
even though we took NO bear precautions--cooked steaks and rainbow trout in 
camp, didn't hang anything, etc. (Although the last 25 years could have 
changed the bears along the Greys too.)  Although the Greys River horseback 
trips always rewarded us with lots of sightings of elk, moose, and mule deer, 
I thought we'd see even more in Yellowstone.  

Does anyone have Yellowstone backpacking experience that runs contrary to the 
dire warning and precautions I've found on websites?  All opinons welcome!

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