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Re: [ft-l] Bounce Test

In a message dated 5/4/99 7:14:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
mcross1@bellsouth.net writes:

> I got it and I don't even know who the heck he is.  Telling me to ignore it
>  was a waste of his keyboarding time or maybe he was just practicing.  Maybe
>  he is a masochist, and wanted irritation mail, or maybe he just wants
>  attention, negative or otherwise.  Or maybe I have too much time on my 
>  and should have ignored this.  Anyway, just ignore me.!

I just tried my own bounce test, from this second story window.  It was a 
failure.  The monitor didn't bounce more than 3 inches and created quite a 
mess.  Perhaps this is why our loving administrator does email bounce tests.

Sorry, Ryan, I guess I shouldn't have mentioned that "love" thing in an open 
forum, huh?  Now our secret is out.  See what happens when people feel 
obliged to respond to messages that should be ignored.  Oh, it's an ill wind 
that blows through ft-l canyon!  :)

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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