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Re: [ft-l] Bow Wow!!!!!!!

I too have reservations about dogs on group hikes but would hate to see
dogs banned on the Trail altogether as they can be great company on a
long distance hike. I've hiked and camped with a variety of dogs, none
of which were mine and they were all well behaved.   
						Happy Trails,
							Triathlon Grandma
Bluetrail@aol.com wrote:
> Take a bow, gang!  You have wowed me with your response to my dogs & FT hikes
> question.  Just so you'll know, I also wrote the state headquarters and the
> question will be brought up at the next state board meeting.
> It has been great to see the breadth of opinion.  When I found out that the
> question would be discussed at the meeting, I did tell them that I would hate
> to see dogs totally banned from activities.  Sandy's doggie walk sounds like
> fun for hikers with dogs.
> Other leaders may be more tolerant than I.
> Since I have some personal reservations, one of which is not wanting to be
> responsible for the combination of unknown people and unknown dogs, I will
> make an effort to see if our chapter publicity will include "no pets please"
> on advertising for all my hikes.  (Now I'm worrying someone will show up with
> their boa constrictor or ferret or parakeet.)
> Before I get flamed as a canine hater, I had dogs for 20 years and would have
> another if I kept a more regular schedule.  One dog was a Gordon setter who
> loved getting out on the trail, but I never dreamed of taking him on a group
> hike.
> thanks for all the great responses,
> Joan
> bluetrail@aol.com
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