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[ft-l] Bow Wow!!!!!!!

Take a bow, gang!  You have wowed me with your response to my dogs & FT hikes 
question.  Just so you'll know, I also wrote the state headquarters and the 
question will be brought up at the next state board meeting.  

It has been great to see the breadth of opinion.  When I found out that the 
question would be discussed at the meeting, I did tell them that I would hate 
to see dogs totally banned from activities.  Sandy's doggie walk sounds like 
fun for hikers with dogs.  
Other leaders may be more tolerant than I.

Since I have some personal reservations, one of which is not wanting to be 
responsible for the combination of unknown people and unknown dogs, I will 
make an effort to see if our chapter publicity will include "no pets please" 
on advertising for all my hikes.  (Now I'm worrying someone will show up with 
their boa constrictor or ferret or parakeet.)

Before I get flamed as a canine hater, I had dogs for 20 years and would have 
another if I kept a more regular schedule.  One dog was a Gordon setter who 
loved getting out on the trail, but I never dreamed of taking him on a group 

thanks for all the great responses,

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