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[ft-l] 3 things

1) I always see the addresses.  Hmmmm....

2) Sleeping bag liners are a godsend as far as I'm concerned.  My 
mother stitched up a couple years ago for my sister and I out of the 
softest coolest 100% cotton. They are perfect for those middle of the 
night times when you just need a little something.  Granted they 
weigh in at more than silk but I don't backpack so they are ideal.  
She also made us flannel ones for that slightly cooler yet not 
quite enough for sleeping bag weather. 

3) Sandyhub and I were the only two who showed up one afternoon for a 
doggie hike and it is one of the most delightful hikes in my memory.  
but then Sandyhub is one of the most delightful women on the trail, 

deborah taube

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