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[ft-l] Fleece sleeping bag liner and pillow!

>Making a silk sleeping bag liner is a pretty straight forward project.
Haven't tried making a silk liber yet as I got one for a Christmas gift 2
years ago but I did much the same thing with fleece last year on the AT when
the temps dipped down to 0 .  We were in Franklin, NC and looked at a fleece
liner in the outfitters store and thought it was a great idea but it was
$80.  We went to a fabric store where we each bought 2 yards fleece for
under $20 then dropped them off at an alterations shop while we did laundry.
We folded it in half length-wise and had her serge the bottom and side and
put a hem in the top.  She charged us $2 a piece for them and had them ready
for us by the time our laundry was done.  We then ran some parachute cord
through the hem and added a toggle thing so we could draw it up tight.  With
the addition of the fleece liner my 20-degree bag made it through some 0
degree nights.  And I now have a light-weight fleece blanket for spring and
summer camping in Florida.  The great thing about making things yourself is
that you can choose exactly the material you want - in the case of fleece it
comes in several different weights, so you can decide for yourself the
amount of insulation.

I made fleece pillow covers for some of my backpacking buddies for Christmas
last year, too.  Figure out what size pillow you want to make - I suggest
about 10 inches long x 8 wide.  Add about an inch to the length for a seam
allowance.  Cut a piece of lightweight fleece the length you want by twice
the width + 4 inches.  (so an 10 x 8 becomes 11 x 20).  Fold the fleece with
about a 8 inch overlap so that you have two layers of 11 by 8 with a 4 inch
flap uncovered).  Fold the 4 inch flap inside the two layers so the rectagle
is now 11 by 8.  Serge the two sides (or use 2-3 rows of stitching).  When
you turn it inside out you will have a cushy rectangle about 10 x 8 with an
overlapping flap.  Stuff it with some clothes and you have an excellent
lightweight pillow.  Remember if you're using single-sided fleece to fold
the fleecy side in so it will be on the outside when you're done.

Boy, it's a lot easier to sew it than it is to explain it!


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