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Re: [ft-l] FT Hikes & Dogs

I had a thought last night while mulling over the the "hikes and dogs"
thread.  The reason a lot of people don't like dogs on hikes is because the
dog owners allow them to misbehave while on the hikes.  The problem is not
with the dogs, but with the owners' lack of knowledge on proper traildog
behavior and their own responsibilities toward the dog and their fellow
hikers.  The owners have no frame of reference to determine when and where
it is appropriate to hike with dogs, when and where to allow them off leash,
etc.  And how is a dog owner going to get that knowledge if all of our hikes
are closed to dogs?  So another woman in my chapter and I thought we would
set up a hike and overnight next fall just for people with their dogs.
After all, one of the purposes of the FTA is education.


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